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Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht Düsseldorf Tobias Ziegler      Rechtsanwalt Tobias Ziegler                                         Sponsor of:
      - Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht -

       Lawyer since 1997; Specialist in labour law since 2002

       I represent employees and executives as well as employers at labour courts nationwide.

       Main area of practice: Labour law
       (e.g.Termination Agreement, Unfair Dismissal, Protection against unfair dismissal, Transfer)

  Phone: 0211-690762-20

  Just call the office or send an email to make an appointment. We offer the possibilities of video conferencing via e.g. Skype,   Zoom, Jitsi, Teams.

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  You will receive a reply to your enquiry within 24 hours on working days (Monday to Friday).

  Appointments can be made at short notice, also online.

  You are welcome to contact me in a straightforward manner. Of course, this can be done in the traditional way by telephone or   by email.

  I can also offer you communication via video conferencing.

  Just ask and make an appointment.

  In order to give you legal advice in your individual case, I need some information from you.

  The following information from you is required:

  Name, first name, address, e-mail address and telephone no.

  Details of legal expenses insurance:
  If there is an insurance policy, please state the name of the company, your policy number and the policyholder according to the   contract.

  Details of the facts of the case:
  What happened? Who are the parties involved? Where? How? What is your objective?

  If it concerns questions in connection with a contract, e.g. employment contract or termination agreement, or if it concerns a   dismissal, warning or reference etc., please send me the contract and the other documents as an attachment to your e-mail or by   fax or by post.

  After receiving your request, I will reply to you within 24 hours on working days (Monday to Friday) and of course also inform   you about the costs to be expected. If you have legal expenses insurance, I will obtain a confirmation of coverage from your   legal expenses insurer upon request.

Tobias Ziegler